We were invited to my brother’s house for Thanksgiving. So yesterday, we made the two hour drive so we could spend the evening with family. My mother, my sister, and their families were all there, along with my daughter and my grandchildren. In total, there were eighteen adults and children. A great time was had by all. Of course, when that many family members get together, one of them has got to ruin it.

For us, it was my brother’s son. My nephew is 19 years old, lives with his parents, and he has issues. Let’s just say that the local cops all know his name, he can’t keep a job, and it always seems to me someone else’s fault (according to him, anyway). On top of it, my brother and his wife tolerate the fact that he drinks at 19 years old. Whatever- not my kid, not my house. The problem is that he becomes a bit of a jerk while drinking. After dinner, my nephew began wrestling with the older kids who were there (all in the 14-16 range). This mostly consisted of him beating on the teens, “all in good fun.”

A couple of bloody noses later, he challenged me to a wrestling match. I refused. He retreated to his parent’s bedroom and came back with a handheld stun gun. He pulled the trigger to get the loud spark effect, and the room immediately got quiet. He loudly said, “Hey, Uncle. Sit still for a minute, let’s see what happens when I Taser you.”

Me: “No. Put that away.”
Nephew (walking towards me): “Come on, it will be funny.”
Me (standing up and reaching into my pocket for pepper spray): “Put down the weapon right now, or I will have to hurt you.”

It was at this point where my brother snuck up behind him and snatched the Taser out of his hand, thus avoiding a major Thanksgiving incident that would have surely wound up with someone going to the ER and someone being arrested.

My nephew stormed into his bedroom, where he stayed for the next hour. He did eventually come out and apologize.

There is always one in every family.

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zuk · November 29, 2019 at 7:34 pm

Holy cow. I see a tragedy in the near future. Not sure how to avoid it, but it will certainly look avoidable in hindsight.


There are reasons I live 2000 miles from family.

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