Last year, I took a college course and met a woman named Danielle, who was telling me that she was attending college in order to meet a man that would care for her. She said that she knew she was pretty, and was going to use her youthful body and good looks to land herself a man that would be her meal ticket.

The feminist movement has been telling women for years that they do not have to learn cooking, cleaning, and laundry, because that is part of some sort of misogynistic man’s idea of womanhood, and they should not stand for it.

This is how you wind up with women like Jennifer, who have this viewpoint. Jennifer doesn’t even see that her attitude is a big part of the reason why she is a 38 year old woman who once told me that she longs to find her “Prince Charming” but is still single, and can’t understand why.

Women want men to assume the traditional role of breadwinner, while still maintaining their own career and their own money, and refusing to support the household by cleaning, cooking, or any other chores.

I can cook fairly well. I clean. I do laundry. I have my own money. That is not the case
with the women out there. It is rare indeed to find a woman who can cook
or clean house. Most women today know nothing about how to do laundry.
The things that were considered women’s work half a century ago have
faded from the modern woman’s vocabulary.

So that leaves us with a question: What does a woman who cannot cook, clean, keep house, and has no real job skills offer a man? At this point, all she brings to the table is sex.

Each and every woman that I have dated or had as a girlfriend knows
less about cooking, cleaning, and other household chores than I do. The
vast majority of them have no career skills or training. In short, the
majority of today’s women bring nothing to the table but sex, meaning
that they have been reduced to nothing more than life support for female
sex organs…and they have the feminist movement to thank for it.

As Sunshine Mary has to say:

Despite over forty years of feminist indoctrination, most women still
have a maternal drive, the instinct to nurture a child.  However, after
spending all of their fertile years earning degrees and climbing the
career ladder, once they finally stop and take a breath and realize how
very much they want a child, women are often unable to produce their own

Men look around and see what? They marry a woman who makes less than they do, is so busy with a career that she doesn’t want kids, she can’t cook, can’t clean, and can’t offer anything to the man that he doesn’t already have. Except sex. Even if he does marry her, there is a 50% chance that he will lose half of everything that he owns, even though the woman didn’t contribute to 50% of the financial portion of the marriage. She didn’t even contribute the intangible contribution of maintaining the household.

Seven out of ten divorces are initiated by the wife. In college educated couples, 90% of divorces are initiated by women. From Byrdeye’s post “Divorce is highway robbery.

More shockingly still, a woman can
simply accuse her husband of sexual or physical abuse (or simply express
a fear of it) and instantly win a restraining order forcing him away
from his home and children, without so much as a hearing. In fact, most
divorce lawyers will advise a woman to do this, and those who do not can
be sued for legal malpractice.

So, with all of the risk, and considering that the only thing that women bring to a relationship is a commodity that not only becomes less valuable as the woman ages but is freely available without marriage, it is no wonder that many men are staying single.

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