While reading a news story about police in one town planning to stop people who are not breaking the law, in order to reward their law abiding behavior with coupons and other free goodies, I was appalled. This is another tool that will be used as a police state tool. Let me explain:

The law in the United States is that police must have some idea that you are committing a crime in order to stop and question you. This is called “reasonable suspicion” and it must be based upon some specific set of facts that a person would reasonably believe to be an indication that the person being stopped is breaking the law.
In this case, the police would be stopping someone that they believe ISN’T breaking the law. This stop would then result in the police being able to stop anyone at anytime, for no reason at all. Of course, if a person is then found to be breaking the law, they can be searched and arrested. These stops would soon be used as a method for police to stop and detain people who the police would like to find reasons to arrest, and allow the police to go on a fishing expedition.
I am glad the idea was scrapped here, but there are other places where the policy continues.
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da_truth36 · January 16, 2016 at 1:02 pm

You also gotta look at where this was being proposed. Chapel Hill. That town is the biggest liberal sanctuary in this state. Chapel Hill is a textbook example of everything that is wrong with progressivism. I hate that town with such passion it is unreal, if for no other reason than that they've raised property taxes so unbelievably high that the liberal idiots that found that area such a haven to begin with realized that it would be cheaper to pack up and move next door to Chatham county where taxes are much lower, thereby destroying hundreds and hundreds of acres of farming and forested land at a time to build housing developments for those spoiled assholes. They also bring along their idiotic liberal idealism and apply it at the polls to attempt to turn their new home into a replica of the one they just left. Chapel Hill, much like California, can drop off the planet and burn in hell as far as I'm concerned.

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