Personal attacks are not going to be allowed here. In my post yesterday about landlords, user Hedge posted this comment:

Idk. I kind of like that idea. What do you have to hide as a landlord? Seems fair. Asshole wont fix a damn thing. Wants to raise the rent cause college is in? Last tenant had a fucking pig in the back yard. Fuck that. People ought to know and it’s coming so sell or get ready.
And yes I do work for a large property management company in a college town for 10 years .

Fuck landlord scum. It’s all about the money so shut up and spend it or get out of the game fags.

First, let me explain to you how renting a house works. The lease lays out exactly what the landlord will do, and lays out what the tenant will do. That lease is a legally binding contract. If it says the property owner has to fix something, he does. If it doesn’t say so, then he won’t. Once that contract is concluded, that property owner is free (in most states) to charge whatever he thinks the market will bring.

As a landlord, I will tell you that the house I am renting is a large investment. That quarter of a million dollar purchase price isn’t the end of it. My insurance went up by 15 percent this year. Taxes went up by 10 percent. Landscaping costs are up another 8 percent. On top of that, I have to price increased risk into my prices.

As an example, one property company in Milwaukee filed 850 evictions in two weeks. Why? Because the eviction moratorium prohibited them for over two years, meaning that as many as a third of their tenants owed as much as $17,000 in unpaid rent, with the total being $5 million in lost revenue. That money has to be made up somewhere, and that means higher rent.

As to Hedge the commenter, I want to point out to you that back in June, you were bragging about how you are making a 6 figure income selling weed while calling bloggers a bunch of beggars who keep talking out of our asses. Maybe you should use some of those huge profits to buy a house, instead of bitching about how the man is ripping you off. As a business owner, I am sure you understand about pricing, costs, and profit.

Then you decided to come after me for getting the vaccine, even though I plainly said:

I felt it was best for me, so I got it. That may not be the same with everyone. Each of us has the same right to decide what medical care is best for us. Not everyone has the same medical situation, and there are no one size fits all solutions to ANY medical situation. You do you, and I will do me.

This blog, like my rental property, is owned by me. I pay for it, and I decide who gets to use it. Since you have decided to call me scum, you are cordially invited to fuck right off. Three times of personal attacks is two times too many. Hedge, you just earned yourself and your entire IP in Norman, Oklahoma a ban.

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Russell G. · February 6, 2022 at 11:38 am

You are right. On all counts. Someone hasn’t seen a 30 page FL RE approved lease. Your only partial cure is to have such an enormous security deposit and such crazy monthly interior inspections that it excludes 95% of the people. They’ll even walk away from a huge deposits. Scum calling the pond scum is what I see above.

I did 3 foreclosures in 2010, and then attempted to rent them. The properties were essentially pre-war semi historical rehabs after the bubble went boom and the dummies that bought them at frothy prices went belly up with equity loans. These rehabs were essentially works of art. Dealing with code issues in some cities was enough to give you white buckles. Proper door hardware; oak floors; tearing out ungrounded “snake wire” and re-wiring the whole house with updated wire and load centers; you name it. I went through a couple of rounds of good renters, then the Gen M assholes started sneaking in and destroyed the properties as best they could. I’m talking 6″ holes through 3/4″ plaster walls with full wood lathe behind it. This was 90% because of the so-called property agents screening the tenants, rather than me. But still, these people are for the most part flat out sociopathic and unpredictable as a rabid dog. Then, I relocated to a rural area, sold those three properties in shithole FL counties, and did another rehab. Same thing. Gen M meth heads destroyed the place. Who the hell rips the face plates off of kitchen cabinet drawers? Who the hell splits door frames from slamming them that hard. Bottom line…it’s a generational thing now. It takes some guts to deal with these shitty entitled failing wannabes. Many times it’s not worth the trouble.

Danny · February 6, 2022 at 11:51 am

That reminds me — I need to take the trash out.

Donn the Draughtsman · February 6, 2022 at 12:01 pm

Until I reluctantly retired last year, due to vaccine mandates, I worked around the country as a 3D NX mechanical designer. Most of my assignments were for a year, although if the project got canceled or completed ahead of time, I was out the door.
I would rent a short term apartment or room, and let the landlord know; I paid more for it, but I wanted to be honest. Even when I gave the proper notice, though too many landlords simply refused to refund the appropriate deposit with no explanation.
My last landlord told me that since I was leaving southern PA for a job in Milwaukee, he was going to keep the deposit, since I would have to come back to PA to take him to court. He admitted that he had no problems with me as a tenant, but that since I went from job to job, he could get back some of the money he lost on other tenants.
I’m not criticizing you; just a few observations from someone who was both a landlord and a tenant.

    Jonathan · February 6, 2022 at 12:06 pm

    Agreed. I know of many PA landlords who have done that, I also know of tenants who have gotten their money anyway.
    There are problems both ways. I consider myself fortunate that I have had good renters when I (briefly) rented to others.

    Divemedic · February 6, 2022 at 2:20 pm

    Everything depends on the lease. I won’t sign a lease for less than 185 days, or more than a year.
    In Florida, if someone were to request a short term rental from me, I would have to decline. The reason is that any least of less than 184 days must, by state law, charge resort and sales taxes. While I admit that there are people who (cough AirBNB, VRBO, cough) do this, I will not.
    It isn’t worth the risk.
    I will sign a lease of 185 days to a year, but that will be at a higher rent. Every day that my rental is empty between tenants is a day I am not making money. If I get into short leases, my rental is empty more often. So I expect more money for that.
    In Florida, you can’t lease a property for longer than a year without all sorts of extra legal ties and a notary.
    So if you sign a lease with me for a year and skip on it early, I am gonna hit you up for it.

DMLMD · February 6, 2022 at 12:56 pm

We have some rentals in Maine. One home, the renter is happy to mow the lawn, snow blow the driveway and has been doing minor repairs. Paid rent throughout the Covid calamity. No rent increase. The other, we are responsible for everything. Those costs went up 30% or so, did the rent up to reflect that.

We are not renting for charity…

Big Ruckus D · February 6, 2022 at 10:20 pm

Heh. I saw that and refrained from commenting. Dude figuratively steps into your living room (blog) and craps on the rug. The one that really tied the room together. It’s one thing to make a comment on somebody’s blog challenging whatever point was made in the original post, though the host is under no obligation tp allow even that. It’s something else again to pull a bitch move like he did. I always do get a chuckle when I witness somebody come in as a guest in someone else’s house and flame out in such spectacular fashion. It’s almost like a troll on a suicide mission.

    Divemedic · February 7, 2022 at 6:41 am

    I dont mind disagreement. I encourage debate. I have never deleted a post for disagreeing with me. I will even let a personal attack go. I won’t let personal attacks become a habit, though.

Jesus_Saves · February 7, 2022 at 12:11 am

Norman is the Left armpit of OK. The bitty demonrat state rep from there would have us all in masks and locked down cept she has no power cause the state’s redder than a monkeys ass. Go Oklahoma. Go capitalism. F commies.

Mark · February 7, 2022 at 7:24 am

As an Oklahoman I am embarrassed to see that “Karen” was from Norman. Oklahoma is a RED as they come, however we have a cancerous liberal BLUE enclave in Norman, OK surrounding the university that the entire state would rather see disappear.

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