Flipping the numbers

In the UK, the BBC runs a story stating that a third of COVID cases are among the unvaccinated. Doesn’t that also mean that two thirds of cases are vaccinated? It goes on:

  • Nearly 13% of hospital patients with confirmed Covid were unvaccinated.
  • 80% of patients have been double-dosed with a vaccine
  • 99% of people who tested positive for Covid in the past week in Wales were under 60
  • 84% of those under 60 are vaccinated

So let’s look at the numbers. If 16% of those under 60 are unvaccinated, and 13% of those who are hospitalized are unvaccinated, then that would mean that the vaccine has little to no statistical impact on COVID hospitalization.

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DM…you have access to numbers of when the majority of second doses were given?…i would be interested in knowing how long after the d variant started compared to that time frame and also the spike in positive cases…i really can’t wait to see what happens after the booster is started…if cases spike again a blind man should be able to see the truth in this clusterfuck…j&j is looking to make the normal flu shot a mrna vaccine…do your research people before getting any shots…

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