As of April 30, 2021, Florida has 2,350,012 concealed weapons permit holders in a population of 21,477,737. That is one permit for every 9.13 residents.

Texas has 1,626,242 pistol permit holders in a population of 28,995,881. That is one permit holder for every 17.82 residents.

Now if only Florida could get constitutional carry.

Still, that kid of blows the left’s claim that gun ownership is seeing an ever increasing number of firearms being owned by an ever decreasing number of gun owners out of the water.

Of Florida’s population, 16,817,068 of them are over the age of 21.

Of them, approximately 100,000 of them are incarcerated. The Florida Sentencing project estimates that another 1.1 million of Florida’s residents are convicted felons, and are thus prohibited from receiving a CCW or possessing a firearm.

There are thousands more who are prohibited from owning firearms for other reasons- domestic violence injunctions, mental health problems, and other reasons. In any case, this leaves us with about 15,600,000 people who are eligible to own a firearm. Of them, more than one in seven has a concealed weapons permit.

Tell me again how gun ownership is dying.

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Miguel GFZ · May 12, 2021 at 9:26 am

Something I love to say to Gun Grabbers in Florida:
“Next time you go out and are shopping at your favorite store or waiting in line at the burger joint, stop, look around and count the people. Then realize that one in nine has a gun with them and you don’t know who.”

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