So the anti gun forces are again claiming that firearm ownership is declining. They are basing this on a survey where 1000 people were asked if they have guns in their home. Bayou Renaissance Man thinks they are incorrect, and I agree with his assessment.

On March 20th of this year, there were 1,529,132 concealed weapons permits in the state of Florida. There are now 1,598,213. That is an increase of 69,081 in three months. That is an annual increase of 18%. For the previous 12 month period (February 2015 through February 2016), there was a 20 percent increase in concealed weapons permits in the state. In fact, the number of permits has been increasing for decades.

Florida now has one concealed weapons permitee for each 10.1 adults. That is an all time high, and at the current rate, the number of permitted persons will exceed 1.75 million before the next presidential inauguration.

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