I recently came across a post about the direction of US politics shifting towards socialism, and how this is the most likely TEOTWAWKI event. It got me to thinking about Florida and its 29 electoral votes. These votes are important, because Trump would only have had 275 electoral votes without Florida. With 270 votes needed to secure the Presidency, that is a very slim margin indeed.

What concerns me so much about Florida is its changing demographics. In the 2018 election, the margin between the Republican and Democrat gubernatorial candidates was less than 33,000 votes. Although voter registration records show that those in Florida who are registered as Democrats has fallen slightly in the past year while Republican voter rolls have increased slightly, Republicans are still outnumbered in the state by almost a quarter of a million voters.

There is a proposed ballot initiative to add an assault weapons ban to the state constitution. This initiative includes a provision that would make me a prohibited person, because I have been accused (not charged or convicted) of domestic violence. If 60% of the voters go for it, my wife and I are making plans to move from the state before any such ban takes effect.

Florida flipping into blue territory would place the White House in jeopardy. The silver lining here is that neither of Florida’s Senators are up for reelection this term, as losing the White House and the Senate would be a disaster for individual rights and a boon for the attempted Socialist/Communist coup.

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