For those of you who believe that all we have to do is vote, let me point out that the changes being put in place by the Biden administration aren’t anything that can be simply changed. Even if voting works, we are screwed for a generation or more.

Biden isn’t just putting some policies in place that can be changed with an executive order. No, he is dismantling our gasoline producing infrastructure. He is planning on closing the ammunition plant that makes 5.56. He is going to allow the chip manufacturer in Taiwan be overrun by the Chinese.

In the meantime, he stymies investigations into Chinese fair trade violations. In this particular case, it actually makes it less likely that the US will move to green energy because it prevents American solar manufacturers from competing against Chinese products that are being labeled as coming from other countries while at the same time not providing DPA protections to US firms. This is crippling US solar manufacturing.

The damage that he is doing to the west is not easily repaired. It will take years, perhaps a decade or more, to repair the infrastructure that is being destroyed right now. In the meantime, China will become the world’s largest and most powerful nation. The US is about to become a second world nation.

It’s almost like Biden is an employee of the Chinese government.

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Chris · June 20, 2022 at 10:05 am

🤟🏻But we are meme masters. 🤟🏻
(God like Sarcasim)

Plan Accordingly · June 20, 2022 at 10:32 am

El Rushbo warned about what Bathhouse Barry was doing with the apparatchiks who cannot be fired placed everywhere like poison pills.
Beijing Joe Slovo Biden is burning it all down better just as he was ordered by his paymasters.
You don’t vote or meme your way out of West South Africa.

fitzhamilton · June 20, 2022 at 12:26 pm

Well, what’s interesting, and hopeful, is that there is this thing called “reality” that people have inevitably to cope with. All the people who support “Joe Biden” and our plutocracy’s ever mutating “ current thing” are beginning to face the consequences of their lemming herd decisions. That’s an extremely hopeful sign.

The “vaccine,” just for instance, can’t be untaken, and a whole slew of people – a few of whom I know personally – have apparently been gravely harmed by it, and are beginning to ask themselves some very dark and serious questions.. The program of chaos being foisted upon us all from on high is beginning to cause a meltdown.. And many have begun to notice..

“Are tranny story times for pre-schoolers really the next great civil rights cause? Are pro-lifers and 2nd Amendment advocates really the bad guys, here?” Many people – maybe a vast majority of us – have begun to ask some pretty radical questions about what is happening..

There are of course many more shoes left to drop. They are far from finished with us. The “Great Reset” continues at pace.. Their plan seems to involve imposing a sort of universal CCP type techno dictatorship upon the entire world. Whether or not they will succeed in this nefarious plot is of course still an open question. We’ve all seen the movies, and the Klaus von Interglut-Schwab character never manages to pull it off in the end..

I say that no matter what they have planned, no matter what they intend to do to us, standing up and fighting them like free men is and will continue to be a glorious cause. These are times that try men’s souls, and the beautiful thing about a true trial is that it will acquit the just, and prove our characters before both God and man, before both the heavenly court and the bar of history.

Stand firm, remain staunch then. They may be able to deprive us of our lives temporally, but they cannot deprive us of our eternal souls and sacred honor.

Elrod · June 20, 2022 at 2:22 pm

It would not be the first time that a fully functional society was reduced to ashes; some of us know that because we read history – those societies disappeared long ago.

I would like to say “we will recover” but that would require a population that has an attention span longer than a flashbulb which does not seem to be forthcoming.

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