On August 8, 2020 at 2:30am, the Portland Police received a 911 call that a man had been throwing explosive devices at the Antifa insurgents. Here is a video of the people who saw what happened:

Note that the person who made the video is claiming that there were 4 devices thrown, and this was a device that didn’t explode. She then claims that this is a bag of gun powder that was stuffed in a ziplock bag.

The bystanders also claim that they saw a man leaving the scene, and when they approached him, he acted in a threatening manner.
 Another video, also shared on Twitter, showed one of the independent journalists at the park pursuing one of those men, carrying what appear to be night-vision goggles, apparently to his car, where he behaved threateningly.

The man recording the incident—Portland videographer Scott Keeler, who said he had observed the man in the park earlier, walking away from the explosions—was using a flashlight, and first asked the man to stop as he walked up to him at a car the man appeared to be using. “Why are you throwing pipe bombs at people?” Keeler asked.
“Look man, I’m not the guy you wanna fuck with,” the man responded. 

The Portland police were able to identify him as a former Navy SEAL, and are now claiming that he is a person of interest. The police do not have the device, nor do they have any witnesses that actually saw the person throw the devices.

If I were Mr. Fernbaugh, I would hire an attorney and have him contact the Portland police to tell them that I do not wish to make any statements, and leave it at that.

They have no witnesses. Even if they get witnesses later, getting them to reliably identify what happened in the dark during a riot is going to be difficult.

They have no physical evidence. The device is nowhere to be found. Even if it is found at this point, it is inadmissible. The woman in the video, unless she is a certified expert, isn’t going to be able to testify that the powder was gun powder, nor can she testify that the pipe is PVC. Even if she IS an expert, she disassembled the device. The only crime that this would establish is that she tampered with evidence.

In other words, the police here have jack and shit. Even if this did happen and isn’t some sort of false flag, there is no difference in this device than in throwing fireworks at people.

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