Well, well, well. Proving that our founding fathers were correct when they wrote the Bill of Rights, Great Britain followed a National Gun Ban (passed in 1997) with a national knife ban, and now the British Government has announced that they will begin censoring the press, in order to protect national security.

Australia banned guns in 1996. Since that time, gun crime has skyrocketed by over 45%, thus proving that gun control does not work in reducing crime. Just last month, the Australian government announced that they will begin censoring the internet.

This seems to follow a pattern. Every dictatorship that has ever existed on this planet has counted on a few regulations to enable their governance of the masses (in no particular order):

1 Deny the masses a means to communicate
2 Deny the governed a means of protest or organization
3 Round up the rabble-rousers and toss them in jail (or even kill them)
4 Deny your subjects the means of resistance (weapons)
5 Chill protest by placing government agents in the homes of likely troublemakers

Is it any wonder that each of these points is covered under the Bill of Rights? Can you think of any ways in which governments today are implementing the above policies? Of course, it is always done to protect you from (child porn, drugs, terrorism, crime, etc.) and is purely for your own good.

Weapons are always among the first to go, soon to be followed by speech and press freedoms. First, you take the means to resist, then the ability to complain and protest, and then the ability to resist is severely curtailed.

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