Free Everything

Now the left believes that veterinary care should be free. I know that it’s Slate, but they are a great window into the mindset of the left.

Who pays for all of this “free” stuff? I swear, they are like spoiled children. They want to have everything handed to them.

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Re-reading that now. Great book, with even better lessons.

In fact – REALITY is a harsh mistress.

There’s just a smaller margin for survivable error on the Moon.

And everyone should understand the truth of TANSTAAFL.

If you haven’t yet – get the book and read it!

I probably drop about a grand a year at the vet for our dogs.

We have an old dude vet, been doing it for 40 years and is a shepherd expert (a blessing for us). He told me a lot of these practices are being gobbled up by big corps, like Mars. Same people that make the food and other products.

Our puppy (he’s a year & 60 lbs) jumped over a pig-iron sculpture my daughter left here and laid his leg open like a cut chicken thigh. I had to take him to the emergency vet, since it was closing time for his doc.

45 Minutes and $400 I’m back with him stitched up, with a lampshade on his head, and a fistful of meds in a bag.

Seems to me if I could do that if I’d get ripped open, I’d consider it a deal. Seems efficient.

They aren’t LIKE spoiled children, they ARE spoiled children.
They got everything handed to them, so they think that is normal and want it to continue.

These people can justify anything.
Hell even Pedophilia, oh wait..they have.

Why are we playin there game by there rules?

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