Since everyone in the nation is supposed to have insurance, I don’t see where it matters. Still, the comments to this post actually made my eye twitch.

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jimmyPx · December 5, 2023 at 10:24 am

I work in a hospital and I see it every day. Trash call 911 at the drop of a hat for anything and the ambulance IS their taxi to the hospital. They are also too damn lazy to have a personal doctor to handle 90% of their medical needs, no let’s go to the ER for everything.

The thing is they pay absolutely nothing for health care, so why should they care.

Why it matters besides the cost is that ambulances and ER space and staff are being clogged up with non emergency people and cases.
Just think if you are in a bad car accident and it takes a bit for the ambulance to get there because they are being used as a taxi by a free loader.
I think there should be a law that shields hospitals and EMS from law suits in that if they show up on a call and it obviously isn’t an emergency, they refuse to transport and give the people a taxi voucher to the nearest clinic NOT the ER.

Aesop · December 5, 2023 at 11:20 am

I’ve never met an ED charge nurse who wouldn’t cheerfully send the ambulance crew to unload the fuckwit in the lobby, and tell them to sign in, when they thought calling 9-1-1 for a hangnail would let them jump the line. And then laugh when registration informed them they could expect a $1500 ambulance bill.
(Which they’re as likely to pay as their hospital bill. Now ask me why your Tylenol was $165. Or, see if you can figure it out all on your own.)

You see more human douchebaggery in one Emergency shift than you’ll get in 50 years as Normie anywhere but Fire/EMS or the PD (because it’s the Exact. Same. Clientele.) And even the courthouse is a distant fourth place.

Society wastes about 95% of its time and public funding on the 5% of society that are total assbags.
Public service beatings were never an entirely bad idea.

    Joe Blow · December 6, 2023 at 6:23 am

    Good God we agree again!?!?!?!
    This is getting scary.
    The 2nd last paragraph hit a nerve with me… I can point to 2 very specific groups of people in our society that we would all be a whole lot better without. Eugenics starts to make sense. I have railed on it for years: So many of our social programs go against the laws Darwin laid out, at the expense of the rest of the population, that we should be labeled insane!

    Matthew · December 7, 2023 at 1:08 pm

    “You see more human douchebaggery in one Emergency shift than you’ll get in 50 years as Normie…”

    So, not a veteran I take it?

Steve · December 5, 2023 at 4:37 pm

It sure functioned like a taxi for me from work to the hospital 2 blocks away (They wouldn’t let me drive/walk). They then hit me up with a multi-hundred dollar “transport fee”. I later wondered about backroom deals.

    Aesop · December 6, 2023 at 4:38 pm

    Just wondering: what were the medical training and certifications for your last Uber or taxi driver?

    And who’s “they”?

    Anyone “demanding” you take an ambulance just ate the bill. Boss, or whomever.
    Anyone who “wouldn’t let you” do anything can be criminally prosecuted.
    Otherwise it’s false imprisonment, and kidnapping. Going back over a century and more.
    This is Law 101.

    No one can stop you from refusing to go even if blood is spurting out of your body as long as you’re alert, oriented to what’s going on, and able to walk without falling on your face.
    Unless they arrest you.
    (Truth be told, if you’re that critical, they’ll just wait for you to pass out from blood loss, then they have Implied Consent, and they can do whatever they want.)

    “Backroom deals” between who and whom?
    The ambulance company in most cases is a private entity, and none of their fees go to any hospital, nor anyone else. They’re usually barely staying afloat, financially.
    Most of them go bankrupt after a few years, and/or sell on to the next rube who buys in.
    If you find one making a profit consistently, it’s a unicorn.

    Now see what state and county licenses, fees, and insurance costs the ambulance company, along with personnel, vehicle, maintenance, location, and compliance costs all the way to FedGov add up to, and get back to us, please. (FTR, one new ambulance, stripped, goes for around $100k. $300k/yr for staffing. Another $50k for equipment. Gas and maintenance. A medical doctor to sign off. Medical insurance, malpractice insurance, liability insurance, high-risk driving insurance. Annual training. Buying lottery tickets or betting on horses is a safer investment.)

    The only people who can “make” anyone get in an ambulance have badges and guns on.
    Absent that, you’re always free to walk away and do whatever you want.
    At least, until you fall over.

    The problem is that people imagine ambulances are free. Want ≠ Right. Welcome to capitalism, since ever.
    I’d be fine with requiring them to paint the minimum cost for the ride in 6″ red letters on all 4 sides of the rigs. Even the ones run by public agencies; they bill too.
    It would eliminate about 99% of the b.s. they bring us.
    I daresay it’s the same for DM, or anyone else in the same biz.

County Cork · December 6, 2023 at 12:23 am

Insurance is a construct of the white male patriarchy and will be redistributed for the good of the borg hive collective majority.
Imagine if you will…there are people who actually believe that Big Pharmakeia cares about them.
Dank Meme spotted-The most profitable businesses are sickness and war.
Fun fact-the term Bolshevik means a member of the majority.

Joe Blow · December 6, 2023 at 6:32 am

It’s an endemic problem, like cancer, it will have to be purged or the host will die…

Here in TN the school-choice voucher thinggy is getting lots of press. Article recently in the local fish wrapper interviewed a Mom who was against giving vouchers out to parents (they can use the voucher to send their tax-money and kid to a private school instead of public schools). Her entire complain was that if OTHER PEOPLE can send their kids somewhere else, enrollment MAY drop in the school her kid attends, which will result in less state-funding for that school (other people’s money), and she will then have to take her (special needs) kid to the PT, OT, and therapists office herself (the school now does that for her).

So her entire reason for being against school vouchers, is because she thinks it will mean she will get less of other peoples money. Never once did it occur to this person to think about every other constituent in the county that pays school tax, nope. Its all about me, Me, Me MEEEEEE!!!!
I really fucking hate liberals….

Steve · December 6, 2023 at 1:49 pm

@Aesop, “And then laugh when registration informed them they could expect a $1500 ambulance bill.”

The ambulance/hospital has to work it out with CMS, negotiate for a loss, and all the rest of us have higher bills as a result. Same end point. The freeloader freeloads.

    Aesop · December 6, 2023 at 4:55 pm

    This is what happens when Congress passes unfunded mandates.
    Thank your Congressman for not revoking EMTALA yet, nor ever funding the actual costs of it.

    Before that, it was “pay to play”, and bums and transients went to the County Hospital, or did without.

    But everyone was feeling generous, and let their congressweasel vote taxpayer money to treat all the oxygen thieves in society, and the bums took everyone up on the deal, for nothing.
    So now every hospital is County General, whether they want to be or not.
    Socialized medicine didn’t start with Obama Care.
    It’s crap like this.

    Look around and see why there are no more community hospitals anymore.
    And why 9 out of 10 Kaiser hospitals have no ED. (Hint: No card? No treatment.)

    After you fix this, make everyone who calls 9-1-1 liable for 50% of all subsequent costs unless they’re a victim. People would stop shipping the bums to us if they suddenly ate half the bill for calling. Start charity with your wallet, instead of mine.

    Wait until we start telling people they’re gran’s heart attack will have to wait, because we’re overrun with homeless bums and illegal aliens, and maybe then they’ll start paying attention.

    I get paid either way, but I’d much rather treat actual medical conditions than just deal with society’s wastrels until the next time they get too jacked up to get drunk, do drugs, and commit crimes. Let the stupid hurt, and see whether behavior changes. On all sides.


Dan D. · December 6, 2023 at 1:57 pm

In one of the podcasts from Trauma ICU Rounds, Dr. Kim interviewed the legendary Dr. Ken Mattox who, casually when discussing the establishment of EDs, mentioned that undertakers initially ran the ambulance companies and their destination was often determined… financially.

Things are worse than you ever thought, friends!

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