I was just sitting here remembering the time when I was asked to leave a publicly owned gun range because my rifle fire was too rapid. They said that no one was permitted to fire more than one shot every ten seconds. Oh, and my AR was throwing brass too far, and this was a safety hazard. I was firing a shot every second at 100 yards. I pointed out that every one of my shots was on the paper and within the 8 ring, so it wasn’t like I was unsafe. The response was that my rapid fire disturbed hunters who were trying to get sighted in for deer season.

The place is run by volunteer range masters. They all have different rules. Some say 2 seconds between shots, some say 10. It shouldn’t matter how fast I am shooting if I am doing it in a safe manner. They require all shots with rifles to be seated bench- no standing, sitting on the ground, or prone.

One shot every two seconds is much slower than needed to qualify for handgun. That doesn’t matter, because Fudds only care about hunting. They aren’t gun people.

Don’t think that deer hunting Fudds will hesitate for a minute to report you to the ATF, if they believe that this will allow them to keep hunting.

In case you were wondering, the gun range was Tenoroc in Lakeland, which is a government owned range that is run by volunteer Fudds and owned by FWC (Fish & Wildlife Commision) .

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Michael · June 1, 2023 at 5:01 am

Betrayal to keep in the good graces of the tyrant is as old as government.

Like a hungry wolf HAS GOOD GRACES…

It’s no surprise to historians to hear “See Something, SAY something” with a toll-free number in America.

Ever WONDER WHY free or almost free cellphones (WITH Double-sided cameras) are everywhere? Plenty of stories about them being used as location devices and used in Court via “Geofencing” to PROVE you were at say Jan 6th? Not to mention how easily “Stingrays” OLD TECH BTW) can listen in even on OFF Cellphones.

They said in East Germany when 3 people spoke on a corner 2 of them was secret police. Was kind of true even IF the actual number of the East German police force was pretty tiny.

Folks were eagerly TURNING each other in for “Brownie Points” that *might* give THEM some safety FROM being turned in themselves.

No money payment, no extra bennies in the food que. OFTEN just petty revenge against perceived enemies (as the Gov.com ALWAYS DIVIDES Citizen against citizen).

SO, Comrade, why do you have that Molon Labe bumper sticker again?

Is pissing off some petty “mask Karen” gaining you any converts to the freedom cause OR just throwing away OPSEC and Grey Man for a minor ego boost?

Learn who your trustworthy friends are NOW. Reduce your public profile as Divemedic just showed us when a internet SJW *Thought* she could attack him.

Soon enough TODAY for all its troubles will be known as “The Good OLE Days”.

anonymous coward · June 1, 2023 at 5:27 am

I was at an indoor range, I was shooting one round per second (1 Mississippi) with my 1911. Guy came in to the shooting bay, from the outside counter – said I was shooting to fast and to slow down…. Ten minutes later some other folks came in (maybe friends? maybe cops) – and they were doing mag dumps, not a word said. Never went back to that place, never regretted not going back. FT

BobF · June 1, 2023 at 5:40 am

Hah! Before I got to the end of the second paragraph I had already readied my reply in my mind — “That wouldn’t have been Tenoroc, eh?”!!

My experience there is a bit different, in that I labeled it as the most unsafe range I’d ever been to, ESPECIALLY on weekends. I limited my trips (45 min each way) to weekdays, but even then, seldom saw a rangemaster and when agreeing with other shooters that we were cold I’d come back from hanging a target to see some asshole playing with his rifle at the bench.

Accordingly, I haven’t been there in a VERY long time.

Bad Dancer · June 1, 2023 at 6:28 am

Sounds like the local cop shop that has a parking space reserved so a cop car can sit in prime location to run plates that drive by.

When those mossberg shockwaves were first coming out I walked in with a magazine article about them and asked if they could order me one in. The employee said it was an illegal short barreled shotgun and when I tried to convince him it was not he went into the back room and wouldn’t come out. When I left he followed me out and very obviously took a picture of my plate and when I asked what he thought he was doing he said he was going to report me to the ATF and sheriff for trying to buy an illegal weapon. He wouldn’t move from in front of my car and seemed like he wanted and excuse to draw down on me so I locked my car and walked across the street to the CVS, got some drinks, and by the time I came back he was gone.

They provide more information than is legal to the police about purchases and people and have a wall where they brag about all the people they have had arrested for suspected straw purchases or suspicious activity. Funny when I worked at a gun shop I couldn’t get the sheriffs to come investigate a straw purchases or a felon, even with active warrants, trying to buy a gun.

They’re also extremely litigious threatening to sue for defamation about bad online reviews and go so far as to have their cop friends harass people. The kicker to all this is they run a local radio show talking about guns and the 2nd amendment and how they’re all chest thumping patriots rah rah wont give up my guns rah.

W Wilson · June 1, 2023 at 9:32 am

I used to shoot a 10 inch barrel 30 Herrett T/C. Anyone within ten stalls would start bitching about the blast. Didn’t have to worry a out people sitting too close.

Doctor Heater · June 1, 2023 at 10:08 am

Dayam, even the range is a Karen’s gynocracy. (honk!)
This is why we can’t have nice republic type things.
It is just not meant for this current crop, Constitution and other all-time brilliant made by Ol’ Whitey things.
Ivan and other externals will laugh at you’re doing it too fast and they won’t be giving any heads up to Milley-Vanilli.

Aesop · June 1, 2023 at 4:48 pm

Boycott them out of existence, or barrage them with complaints to FWC until the idiot volunteer Fudds unass the area.

Ideally, both.

There’s a local range hereabouts that sits on Forest Service land.
One owner was a complete tool, and hired total fucktards to run the shitshow. It took about six months of legislative harassment to get his lease cancelled. Including every gun store within thirty miles piling on. Haven’t had any problems in years since that example. Carrot and stick.

OTOH, it’s why an ironclad requirement for Castle Anthrax is that it be far enough outside anyone’s business that I can set up my own ranges. And I will.

Gryphon · June 1, 2023 at 6:31 pm

Last Time I was at a ‘range’ was the one behind a local Gunshop, that only allowed (overpriced) Ammo they Sold to be shot at a 90-yard (?) Berm, and you had to buy their Targets, too. I didn’t mind paying extra for the Ammo, as the Range was an Expense, but I didn’t buy anything more than I Shot. One day, on a random VDOT Street Sign (Speed Limit, IIRC) appeared one of those License-Plate Cameras, aimed so it could see every Vehicle that turned into the Gun Store Lot. Never went back, and did bother to Call the Owner of the Place and ask him what his Kickback from the VA State piggies was… He was pretty Indignant, and hung up.

Jonesy · June 1, 2023 at 11:29 pm

Ahh the Fudds….the liberals of the gun world. Hunters, benchrest and clay shooters…sportsmen. Their pappy’s bolt action rifle and their prized break action over/under shotguns are all they need to exercise their 2A rights.

They’re also the old guys that clog up the club house and sit around and tell stories instead of shooting.

It’s hard finding a range that doesn’t have all the Fudd restrictions, especially a public one. Shooting from the bench and no “rapid” fire are pretty common. I know of one that also restricts to only loading 1 round. Annoyingly hard to get groups to sight in an optic or work on trigger control when you have to load a new round after every squeeze.

Anonymous · June 2, 2023 at 12:59 pm

I would say there is one group WORSE than Fudds, and that is Benchresters… Got into it with them at a private range in VA. We were there at 0800, went down to the end of the range where there were no benches, and were shooting prone to get dope for an upcoming F600 match. Three of them tried to throw us out, we refused, they called the office and got an ‘officer’ to come out, who when we pointed out that the bylaws said all ranges were open to all, HAD to side with us… LOL For the next three years, we made it a point to go there at 0800, knowing they never showed up before 0900, and we took our time…

JL · June 2, 2023 at 9:36 pm

Friggin’ Fudds….jfc.

The worst part about those idiots is that it never once occurs to them that the people they’re kissing ass to in the government and anti-gun lobbies don’t want ANYONE to have ANY guns at all. Period. They think if they fuck other types of gun owners in the ass, they’ll get to keep their duck gun or their grandpa’s shitty cooey.

That’s EXACTLY what’s happening here in Canada now. For years, the idiot Fudds up here went out of their way to fuck over other types of gun owners like tactical shooters, 3 gun competitors, etc., thinking they’d get a pass. All that did was make it easier for a shithead like Justin Trudeau to come in and ‘outlaw’ most of the guns in the country.

Granted, they haven’t gone after the Fudd’s guns…yet. But if anyone thinks that ain’t next on the agenda, I got a bridge in the Yukon to sell. Real fuckin’ cheap.

Jester · June 5, 2023 at 1:55 pm

The fudds are the bushwood elite golf clubhouse members, plain and simple. And yes they think that fucking other people over will gain them more time or freedom to do what they want. They also have the illusion that they are better than the rabble so to speak hence their disdain for the average gun owner. Most of them are liberals too that own the guns. My guns are safe from the .gov, but you don’t really need an AR 15 or a semi auto pistol that can hold more than 10 rounds! If you need more than 4 to 6 round to hunt with you must be a terrible shot and should not have a gun anyway! I also bet they are the first ones that show up to make comments on interviews or on social media or the comments section on news articles when there is a shooting event of any sort. “I’m a gun owner but… or I’m here to tell you as a gun owner no one needs this or the constitution does not say what it actually says”

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