War on the Right

Further false flag evidence

Capitol police LET THE PROTESTERS in on January 6th. There is more and more coming to light that this was a setup. First, they opened the gates to let them onto the Capitol grounds:

Then they opened the doors to let them into the building:

This was not an attempt at subverting the government. The people who were in the Capitol were there with the permission of, and possibly at the behest of, the government.

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I hope these videos are hosted at tour site, or someplace that doesn’t kowtow to Deep State or others who’d like to keep power rather than respect our liberty and freedoms.

Aesop and others were right once again. Don’t play in the fucking street. It’s optics. We can’t get out of our own fucking way it appears. Gilligans found a way to keep us on the island for another episode, sans the courtesy of a reach around.

If folks have even an ounce of G2, they’ll know that this isn’t an exhortation to sit on your hands.

I’ve seen both of those videos, back within a day or two of it happening. Then they were disappeared.

And now we have the theater of a citizen being impeached out of an office he doesn’t hold for inciting an “insurrection” that the investigators are saying was planned months ago. At the very least, we know the protesters were in the capital during the time Trump was speaking so he couldn’t have incited them.

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