G. Gordon Liddy

I used to listen to the G. Gordon Liddy radio program, back in the 90’s, at about the same time I discovered Limbaugh. I tuned in almost every day. The thing that he said that I remember the best was during the Waco seige: “The ATF letters on their body armor make a great aiming point for a good rifle.”

Liddy will be remembered for being many things. Like most people, he was complicated and not many people know the entire person. Perhaps his wife of 53 years and their five children knew him best. Mr. Liddy died yesterday, he was 90 years old, and I have no doubt that he was a patriot. I cannot say the same thing about his son, who was a big part of the stolen election of last year.

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My parents lived about a mile from the Liddy’s home back in the 70’s, and I went to the same HS as their daughter Alexandra (where she was known as Sandy). A nice attractive respectable girl who by appearances is (now, at least) Republican in her political leanings. I never met her siblings so I can’t speak about them.
In any event – I prayed an extra Rosary last night for Mr Liddy, and for his family.

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