I recently bought a set of Axil GX Extreme ear buds for hearing protection. I got them on sale for $129 each and bought two pair. They are Bluetooth ear buds that also have built in ambient sound processing. I took them to the indoor range and they did a good job of reducing the sound of gunshots to a non-painful level, as they don’t pass the actual gunshot through. The echoes still were passed through and that seemed a bit loud, but turning the volume down seemed to fix it. 

They are rechargeable with a microUSB cable and the battery lasts for hours. I have used them to make calls, listen to music and pod casts, and even to wear in high noise areas. They are much more comfortable and less obtrusive than earmuffs. 

I recommend. 

I did not receive any compensation for this review and paid what any other customer would pay, other than catching them on sale. 

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