The Biden administration introduced legislation that redefines deadly force to include “multiple discharges of an electronic control weapon.” That’s right- more than one discharge of a Taser is the same as a gunshot. It goes on to prohibit police from investigating other cops for use of deadly force. It grants to the US government the power to set universal standards that all US police agencies must adhere to- including standards on use of force, traffic and pedestrian stop policies, and even controls hiring and recruitment, dictating that police departments must engage in the “hiring and recruitment of diverse law enforcement officers who are representative of the communities they serve.”

That same law prohibits arrests in schools, dictating “restorative justice” practices instead of arrests. This will make our schools even worse than they already are.

The law defines “less lethal force” to include even pointing a gun at someone, and then prohibits the use of that force unless all reasonable alternatives have been exhausted.

The law goes on to prohibit the Federal government from giving firearms, ammo, silencers, vehicles, acoustic equipment, aircraft, drones, and other equipment to police.

It spells out that people must be notified when a body camera is recording and they then have the right to refuse being recorded.

The law goes on and on. In other words, the police will be effectively neutered.

Except that the law does not apply to Military Police, the US Army Criminal Investigation Command, or to Federal Protective Details. Go figure.