Let’s say that there are two basketball teams that decide to play a game. Each coach decides that he will follow a different strategy: one decides to have his players drive the lane and score from inside, the other decides to have his players shoot from the outside and score 3 point shots.

The game plays out, and the first (driving) team scores 42 baskets for a total of 84 points, but loses to the second (three point shooting) team, who scored 29 baskets for a total of 87 points. The fans of the first team are incensed because their team scored more times than the other, and they insist that the league declare their team to be the champion. They demand that the three point shot be eliminated from the game. Surely, if it wasn’t for that stupid three point rule, their team would have won.

The following season, the fans decide that they will not allow the other team to play. The engage in a system of buying tickets to the team’s games and then they sit on the court and refuse to leave so the team can play. They also harass every employee of the team, from the guy who sells beer in the stands to the coach. They stand outside their houses, harass their children at school, and even refuse to allow them to enjoy an evening out.

This story is, of course, the story of the 2016 election and the Democrats’ response to it.

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