Look at the police recruitment videos, and you see why we have a problem with overly aggressive cops:

Note that the video is all about ass-kickin’ SWAT, K-9, and other assorted testosterone filled activities. Now it would be easy to say that you don’t get a lot of quality recruits with a video that emphasizes customer service, but that is kind of the point. When you have an advertisement that is full of ass kicking authoritarianism, what you get is people that are overly aggressive that want to be ass kickers. Greeneville isn’t alone:

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Bob S. · June 14, 2013 at 7:32 pm

Yep, this fits with what I've been discussing.

There are great individuals and many great departments serving but it really seems as if many organizations are pushing the 'us v. them' mentality. And videos like this shows they are actively recruiting folks with that mindset.

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