There is a new Android app that lists on a map all of the gun owners in your vicinity. The app relies on users reporting on where the icky guns are. The problem is illustrated by the maker of the app:

“The gun rights community has been busy making personal threats (we
remain unconcerned), as well as spamming the Gun Geo Marker database
with false markers,” he exclusively told “Though these fake
markers are not useful for identifying dangerous guns and owners, they
are certainly representative of the highly paranoid reaction we have
come to expect from any attempt to improve gun safety in the United

As far as threats, I remain doubtful that this is really happening, but I wholeheartedly recommend downloading the app and then randomly marking it. I also recommend marking the houses of cops, antigun reporters, and others, as well as police stations and other locations. Make the app useless and it will go away.
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Craig · July 11, 2013 at 2:31 pm

As some wise person has stated;

If we were 1/1000th as violent as the anti’s made us out to be, there wouldn’t be any anti’s. They know this; and this is why they prod us.


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