A responder to Robb’s post (Elroy) got me to thinking.

Gun control advocates have an odd view on life. They seem to believe that everyone is incapable of controlling themselves, and the only way to keep people from losing control and murdering each other is to remove the ability for them to do so. They believe that by making guns illegal, there will be no way for people to just succumb to their desire to kill. This is absurd for two reasons:

1 There are more ways for one human to kill another than with a firearm. Ever since Og struck Ech over the head with his club in order to get his shiny rocks, humans have been killing each other.

Which brings us to point 2: We aren’t neanderthals any longer. This is the crux of the problem. In modern society, man has learned that it is not proper for one person to kill another. This is why I don’t kill other people, not because it is illegal, but because it is wrong.

Yes, there are those of us in the world that are violent, and carry out violent acts. By definition, these people are sociopaths. I have pointed out the statistical fact that the 8 percent of Americans who live in cities of greater than 1 million people are twice as likely to be the victim or perpetrator of a murder. Why is this?

A breakdown of culture. The people who are doing this are mostly our inner city people, and the reason for this, in my opinion, is that they are growing up in a paternal vacuum. They are being raised by single parents, which really means that they are being left to themselves in a “Lord of the Flies” way while the mother is out doing her thing, with “her thing” being partying, hanging out with friends, or whatever. (She likely isn’t working. Having a child as a single woman is better than a job. Government benefits and freebies galore!)

So these children, left to fend for themselves, never get societal values programmed into them, and they feel free to club their neighbors in order to get their stuff.

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