Microsoft President describes the bribery that makes our government work.

It (cash) plays an important role. Not because the checks are big, but because the way the political process works. Politicians in the United States have events, they have weekend retreats, you have to write a check and then you’re invited and participate. If you work in the government affairs team in the United States, you spend your weekends going to these events; you spend your evenings going to these dinners, and the reason you go is because the PAC writes a check.

Smith added that the relationships built at these events make it more likely lawmakers will be receptive when he calls them to ask for their help on employees’ immigration cases, as well as “issues around national security, or privacy, or procurement reform. Or the tax issues our finance team manages.”

When legislation controls what gets bought and sold, the first thing that is bought and sold are the legislators themselves.

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Kneale Smith · January 24, 2021 at 10:27 am

The laundry is very efficient too. Every dollar in equals at least 10 percent for “the big guy”. Now we have been sold by the biggest guy.

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