The Great Purge means that any Republican who opposes the Democrat agenda or who ever questions any cheating in any election in which a Democrat is the victor will be declared an unperson:

Florida attorney Daniel Uhlfelder posted to Twitter on Saturday:

Hey @Loews_Hotels. Why are you hosting weekend event for traitor @HawleyMO next month in Orlando, Florida

— Daniel Uhlfelder (@DWUhlfelderLaw) January 15, 2021

Followed by Florida State Representative Anna Eskamani:

Is @Loews_Hotels / @UniversalORL going to cancel this fundraiser being hosted by seditionist @HawleyMO in Orlando or are they going to just be chill with a treasonous politician who would rather see Democracy burn for his own political gain?

— Rep. Anna V. Eskamani 🔨 (@AnnaForFlorida) January 16, 2021

Loews Hotel responded by canceling fundraisers for Senator Hawley

We are being purged. I am REALLY worried about this, so I have a project in the works but I am being hampered in execution by Democrat efforts to shut down the Internet for anyone who isn’t a communist. DDOS attacks are really slowing things down. Big news coming.