So I was at school today, and I overheard a conversation between two female grad students, and they were bragging to each other that they were having their school paid for by their ex-husbands, as a part of a “maintenance order.” One then bragged to the other, “I told him to take the TV and the shotgun, because he had cheated on me. I told him if he didn’t take the gun, I was going to kill him. I got to keep the house, the dog, and the money, and he still has to work two jobs to pay for my school.” All of the other women in the area were in agreement.

I brought this up to my friends, and not one of the women  saw the double standard. If a man ever threatened a woman like that, he would have a domestic violence order on him, and probably be in jail the next day for domestic violence. He certainly wouldn’t be a winner in the lottery.

I’m sorry ladies, but cheating in a marriage does not entitle anyone, man or woman, to free money for the rest of their lives. To claim so reduces women to the class of prostitutes with a payment plan. If women ever expect to be equal in the eyes of the law, they have to be willing to be treated equally in ALL areas of the law.

That is why I cannot believe that there is a popular country music song where the woman talks about all of the violent things she did to her man and his truck because he cheated on her. If this were a song where a man talk about destroying a woman’s property, the outrage would be immediate.

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DaddyBear · January 25, 2012 at 9:09 pm

My first wife was halfway through pre-law when she left me. I made the mistake of threatening to take part of her earnings as a lawyer because I'd supported her up to that point while she was a professional student.

She quit school, moved, and started over as a freshman. I should have kept my mouth shut.

And yeah, I paid alimony for a couple of years, which at least in part paid for her to go to school.

Anonymous · February 4, 2012 at 12:08 pm

You are so right…..the girls couldn't even fathom that they were espressing a double standard. I've seen that numerous times here in Madison, Wi. The liberal bias is so strong in these progressives when you try to explain common sense to them; their heads explode!


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