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Grooming, or not?

We keep hearing from the left that children are not being groomed by them into becoming obedient little sex slaves. Anyone who believes this is happening, we are told, is a sign that you are a bigoted, hateful transphobe. Then we see things like this:

Oklahoma State University hosts ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ for kids as young as 2-years-old.

It doesn’t stop there. The Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle announced it will host a week-long summer camp titled “Drag-tastic Summer Camp: The Art of Drag,” slated to take place on August 8–12. During this camp, children ages 2 through 10 will learn about drag history and work together with local artists to make themselves into drag queens. These children will choose a drag name, learn hair and makeup techniques, and develop their own stage presence as drag queens. At the end of the camp, these children will put on a drag show for adults to watch.

What kind of sick fucking shit is this? How can anyone see this and not immediately recognize it for what it is? They are coaching children from two years old to become tranny porn stars. When is it time for us to say that we have had enough?

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BEFORE I clicked on the Oklahoma State University link, the thought came that we should just *burn it down*. But, but, but the foxnews article expressed that the event HAD ALREADY HAPPENED.

Places that sponsor shit like this should receive the Sodom and Gomorrah treatment.

if the leftards want to send their gender fluid kids to this shit, more power to them…

I disagree. It isn’t the kids’ fault that they were born to those child molesting fucktards.

If a German guy eats a taco it’s “cultural appropriation”. Then why isn’t a dude pretending to be a chick “sexual appropriation”?

Actually it’s worse. Drag is to sex as blackface is to race.

At this point, I’m pretty sure CW2 is going to be fought to protect America’s children from progressives, groomers and pedophiles (but I’ve repeated myself twice).

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