Here is a case where a 17 year old and his 14 year old brother were smoking marijuana and drinking vodka after shooting two people in an apparent read rage incident. 

The 17 year old will be charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a firearm. There are a host of other charges that I wonder why they were not also charged.
Drug possession
Alcohol possession by a minor
DUI (in Florida, if you are legally intoxicated in a vehicle with the keys in the vehicle with you, you can be charged with DUI)
Possession of a firearm by a minor: The only way that a minor can possess a firearm in Florida is for the purpose of hunting, marksmanship competition, target practice, or if the firearm is being lawfully transported to or from the aforementioned activities.
It is also a felony for any adult to have provided this minor with the firearm.
My theory is this: the real utility in firearms laws is not in reducing crime. The anti gunners don’t care about reducing crime. What they really want to reduce is firearm ownership. Reducing crime is really just an excuse for passing firearms laws. 
The reason that any gun law is not enforced is that the powers that be KNOW that criminals will not obey them, and that is just fine with them, because the crimes committed are just used as an excuse to pass another gun control law. The real target of gun control laws is the law abiding gun owner.
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