So I traded my poorly functioning Kimber Pro Carry II for an M&P40 and a little extra cash. I was considering trading my Colt Combat Commander in for another, but instead I sold it for cash. I am using the cash to buy magazines, leather, some ammo, and a 9mm barrel for the M&P.
The reason that I made this decision is that I could not find a single M&P40 compact anywhere. The local shops were all out, and even CDNN was sold out. The dealers that I spoke with all said that they cannot keep concealable pistols in stock because they have been selling so many. The M&P compacts are on back order, and there is no expected delivery date.
The same was true for conversion barrels and magazines. Magazines are hit and miss, with some dealers having 9mm but not .40 mags, and others having the opposite problem. Even Brownell’s is out of the conversion barrels. So is cheaper than dirt.
Ammo is also flying off the shelves, with many of the more popular self defense ammo shelves looking pretty empty. This is all flying in the face of the Brady claim that gun ownership is falling.

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SiGraybeard · February 18, 2012 at 12:45 am

I meant to comment on your post on your Kimber the other day and got distracted. I've had my eye on Kimber's Ultra Carry line; they're a really nice looking gun and kinda got their hooks into me. Interesting to see you traded it in.

I have this (probably weird) reaction to 1911s that I really like them and am drawn to them until I pick them up and feel them in my hand. XDs work well in my hands, and I always go back to saying "now that's how it should feel" and put the 1911 down.

With the exception of the specifics (S&W M&P vs Springfield XD) you made the same upgrade decision.

Divemedic · February 18, 2012 at 4:01 am

I still own an Ultra Carry and an Eclipse Custom. I just think that the 1911 platform is not reliable out of the box, unless you have a lot of expensive work done to them.

I don't like the ergonomics of the Glock, but you have to admit that they are reliable and accurate.

I am hoping that the M&P works just as well.

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