An Orlando TV station did a report about how some residents found and removed a street paving brick that had “KKK” engraved into it. Here is the quote that stuck out at me:

“There was ignorance in the past here. Remember this is the South, so that’s one of the things that you’re living with when you come into the South,” Jenkins said.

Sheehan and her friend are both potters. With their artistic eye, they do not think the etching is new.

“These bricks have to be fired to a really high temperature. And they’ve been there for hundreds of years,”


The media is full of shit.

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Big Ruckus D · December 11, 2021 at 3:06 pm

Local TV news is a bad joke anymore. In my fair city, the local fox affiliate now has what I mockingly refer to as the nightly bitchcast. Nearly the entire on-air staff is women. The main meterologist and sports anchor are still men, but most of the anchors and nearly all the field “reporters” are women, with the latter being a revolving door of young fresh out of J school greenhorns who read their copy right off their iPhone while on camera. They last 6-8 months and are then replaced by some other cookie cutter reporterette.

Now, I’m not saying that women can’t be reporters. But it is striking how they’ve overrun the place. Just as with the commercials reflecting that 90% of the population is apparently black, and all happy young couples are interracial now, the obvious imbalance has become it’s own joke.

The takeaway is that it simply isn’t a serious job anymore. And that is reflected in the quality (or lack thereof) of the material presented. No research, no attention to detail, just shoot from the hip right to camera, and who cares if we get it wrong, is the prevailing mentality.

The fact so few men will take the job (it pays lousy, among other downsides) means women fill the void. And why wouldn’t they? They get to dress up, get seen on TV and feel important. It appeals to the base instincts of many women, and since reporting has lost its air of importance, real men are understandably disinterested in doing it.

    Jonathan · December 11, 2021 at 11:52 pm

    I haven’t watched local news in well over a decade.
    I’m not surprised to see them pandering to favored causes more and more … while at the same time pandering to the opposite, by displaying women to draw men’s eyes. Hypocrite, thy name is liberal!

      Big Ruckus D · December 12, 2021 at 3:41 am

      I never watch it at home. I get some exposure to it when visiting family nearby on a weekly basis. Because I don’t watch tv at home, the decline in talent and production values is much more starkly evident versus my childhood and young adult memories of how local news was presented 25+ years ago. By my perception it has sunk below the quality of a small college town station newscast; and this is in a decent size Midwest metro. And that’s just my critique of the on air “talent” and attendant lack of professionalism.

      The content is utter garbage; mostly govt sanctioned propaganda, sappy appeals to emotion, and sensationalistic crap. The sets are odd; the graphics annoying and the music is atrocious. I find it genuinely irritating to be in the presence of it when it’s on, and will mute or power it off if no one objects. The gratuitous use on location live remotes where there is literally nothing going on – just because they can – is also laughably wasteful in a trying-too-hard-to-impress sort of way. As if a mobile van with a tilt up microwave dish is anything special in 2021.

      It is all so superficial and fake that it almost comes off as a parody of a newscast. I suppose in a way it is, given the minimal amount of actual news presented.

      Of course it has been trite bullshit for a long time. Even when seemingly serious men in suits with authoritative speaking voices, good grammar and enunciation presented it; though that at least lent it some semblance of legitimacy. Now it’s just staffed by women who lack the looks and have since aged out of being vapid TikTok celebrities, jiggling their bodies in revealing outfits on camera for likes.

Wakanda Isn't Real · December 11, 2021 at 3:18 pm

Plants crave electrolytes, Brawndo is the thirst mutilator.
You’ll need 1000 boosters yearly to participate in society.
Use your Pfizer loyalty card to get a free Frankenfood sandwich after your 1000th booster.
Everything is racist and you are terribly oppressed as you post up to TwitFaceGram on your expensive iHole device at Starbucks or the bundled with your apartment broadband and the rent paid for by WIC or Section 8 government programs and groceries paid by EBT debit card.
Feel free to call for the genocide of “Mayo Monkeys” (YT) on Twitter because some are a little more equal than others.
Welcome to Costco I love you.

Elmer · December 12, 2021 at 5:05 am

If it’s network “news” it’s just Democrat party and Establishment propaganda, and safely ignored; if it’s local “news” it’s repackaged social media bullshit – Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

The Children of Television News is the new paradigm (which has also thoroughly contaminated most print media). They know nothing except what they’ve been lied to about (college and university) and what their friends saw on social media and told them about.

There are a little over 1700 commercial TV stations in the US, and the TV Children circulate among them, each seeking the Holy Grail of an on-camera network spot (or at least a “6PM local anchor” position) by working their way into larger markets. In the meantime, for unknown reasons Americans continue to watch, listen and absorb.

For additional info see: Crichton, Michael, “the Gell-Mann Amnesia Effect.”

Don Curton · December 12, 2021 at 8:19 am

A quick Google search indicates that there is, indeed, a KKK brick company. But it’s based on India and probably not the source for a brick in the Orlando area street. But there is literally no other entry for a KKK marked brick other than a commemorative brick only recently placed. Given the liberal’s obsession with finding racism as the root for all evil, if KKK bricks were found anywhere, it’d be all over the news. Houses, buildings, anything made with bricks marked with KKK would be vilified and torn down. You and I both know they just love them some racism to protest.

If indeed there “artistic eye” is correct and this was marked at the brick factory, then why isn’t hundreds of other bricks in the street so marked? Why aren’t these bricks found all over the south? Because they don’t exist.

This has the smell of bullshit. Probably some single act of graffiti from years back maybe? Possible. But no real reason to suspect the real KKK had anything to do with it. Pure fluff.

    Don Curton · December 12, 2021 at 8:20 am

    Damn. Their, not there. Their artistic eye.

      Jonathan · December 12, 2021 at 9:37 am

      Good point, it sounds a little too convenient.
      The left needs to find a new Boogeyman; the KKK has been on its last breath for decades now and it’s members are probably outnumbered by the “reporters” writing about it.

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