The 2021 homicide rate for the United States is now estimated to be 6.9 per 100,000. That means that our homicide rate is now the same as it was in 1997. Since that year, the only one that has come close was 2001, with a homicide rate of 6.7, but a good deal of that was the terrorist incident on 9/11. In one year, we erased 25 years of progress in reducing violent crime.

Following emotionally-charged political lies and stoking hatred and division might have just been a bad idea. Unfortunately, the same people who sold us the bill of goods about systemic racism, reparations, white fragility, fascism, and police brutality – while telling us to ignore things like the family, fatherlessness, addiction, black-on-black crime, immigration, the peaceful protesting, and then calling us the problem.

Yes, according to them, we are the racist insurrectionists because we don’t want our kids being raped by a man in a miniskirt, nor do we want them taught that they are evil and a scourge upon the Earth.

We are terrorists for daring to demand a fair election where each person’s vote counts once and only once. We are evil because we don’t want to be worked like chattel, only to have the fruits of our labor stolen from us in order to provide others with luxuries while they sit at home and do nothing but breed.

We have had enough.

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Jonathan · January 21, 2022 at 10:34 am

I’m surprised that more people haven’t said “they treat me like terrorist, I’ll act like one”.

ChuckInBama · January 21, 2022 at 10:49 am

Let the games begin !!!

why · January 21, 2022 at 5:34 pm

Obama said he wanted to “fundamentally change” us……

EN2 SS · January 22, 2022 at 6:48 pm

Do a quick search on what the crime rate would be if Africans, they’re no part American, and illegal aliens were removed. Eye opener.

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