In reference to my post of the weekend about people from the north not understanding Florida summer:

A pastor friend of mine was telling me how he was to be the officiant for a “destination wedding” here in Orlando, where the two who were getting married had never been to Florida before. The wedding was to be this past July 30 at 2 o’clock in the afternoon. Outside, at one of our resort hotels. They wanted a full 2 hour ceremony with formal dress.
My pastor friend tried to tell the bride that it was too hot outside to give her what she wanted, but she was having none of it. She wanted what she wanted, and she was the bride, and do what I say, was her attitude. Besides, they were from Chicago, and you rubes don’t understand heat until you have been in the  midwestern states during their summers. 
Of course, anyone who lives here in Florida knows that you cannot spend that amount of time outside, dressed like that in this kind of heat. But, he was ready to let her have her wedding the way she wanted it. 
Two days before the wedding, the bride and groom arrived in Orlando and decided to spend the day before the ceremony at the Magic Kingdom. They called the pastor in a panic at 3 in the afternoon, and demanded that he change the ceremony to a shorter, 20 minute ceremony. 
Luckily, he already had prepared for that eventuality.
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chipmunk · August 25, 2016 at 5:15 pm

I think it should be a requirement for any government knucklehead who says we need to eliminate air conditioning because of "climate change" to spend a day in any state south of North Carolina without it.

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