When Florida passed shall issue concealed carry, the left predicted that there would be shootouts over parking spots. It seems like we have finally had a couple. One resulted in the shooter being convicted of manslaughter and sent to prison for life. The second was a shooting between a knife carrying convicted felon, and his gun wielding felon next door neighbor.

What strikes me as odd is that the shooter posted a $750,000 bond. How does a short term renter in a drug addled neighborhood come up with $75,000 in cash, plus another $675,000 in collateral to qualify for a bail bond?

My initial thought is drug dealer.

The winning quote?

“That man should have just minded his business. Once we told him that was not our car he should’ve just minded his business, go find the owner of the car and go yell at them,” said Powers’ girlfriend, Mersades Katz.

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