I finally have found a gun control law that I will support, as long as it remains narrowly tailored. Current law states that non-citizens cannot purchase firearms in the US, unless they have a hunting license. It seems that the terrorist who attacked the base in Pensacola used that law to his advantage and bought himself a handgun, a Glock 45 to be exact. I would not be opposed to eliminating that particular exception. Even so, are any of my readers familiar with any sort of hunting that you can do in Florida with a 9mm handgun? If a person from Alabama,which is only 8 miles from Pensacola, wishes to buy a handgun in Florida, they would be prohibited by law from purchasing that handgun. In this case, Saudi Arabian terrorists have more rights than US citizens. 

What say you?

On another note, if we are supposedly engaged in a GLOBAL war on terror, why aren’t our troops armed while here in the US, at least while on base? The US is a part of the globe, last time I checked. Our entire nation has grown accustomed to the idea that we are safe within our borders. That illusion is going to cost us more.

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Miguel GFZ · December 9, 2019 at 12:21 am

"Resident game birds and game mammals Rifles, shotguns, pistols, air guns, longbows, compound bows, recurve bows, crossbows and birds of prey (falcons, hawks and great horned owls) may be used. "

Small game like racoons and frogs (.22LR & 410 #6 max only).

"PCP air guns firing single bullets that are less than .30-caliber and less than .20-caliber when taking deer and turkey, respectively."

"Muzzleloading guns firing single bullets must be at least .30-caliber or larger. Muzzleloading guns firing two or more balls must be 20-gauge or larger. "


Beans · December 9, 2019 at 6:19 am

Yes. Arm them.

This would have stopped Hassan the Assassin, would have stopped this jerk, would have stopped the Pearl Shooter (maybe.)

And, you know, if we had problems with, oh, say, single white males between 17 and 25 who belong to an obscure Scottish sect attacking us with haggis and jellied eels and other deadly weapons, we'd be checking every one of the people who meet the parameters, frisking them, strip searching them, denying them entry into these United States. But change just a few parameters and suddenly we can't and we won't take action.

A bunch of Levelers (obscure Scottish extreme Protestant religious movement – think China's Great Leap Forward but with guys in tartan, bad accents, from Scotland) get freaky, every person from Scotland or who has ties to Scotland or to the sects that the Levelers come from would be profiled, spied on, watched, followed, denied entry, etc…

But some people from a homicidal, bigoted, masogenistic hateful 'religion'? Nah… They're cultural, so they're a-okay!

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