Yesterday, I posted about this woman, who said that her “fellow conservatives” need Jesus because we argue with and threaten the left?

We don’t have to have a kumbaya moment, but some of yall show your true colors quicker than you think when it comes to wishing harm to the opposition… Yall need Jesus.

I will point out that I was pointing out the errors in her statement. She responded with:

Omg once again, we are discussing liberal posters on X. You got a thick skull with jack shit inside it bruh. And you are full of fear.

Who needs Jesus? Stupid cunt.

Here is the quote:

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Billy Bunghole · April 21, 2024 at 5:36 am

That little girl looks like she’s 17 playing dress-ups. You’re probably talking to a child. Though she is a bit of a porker, so maybe she’s 30? Hard to tell with all the war paint she’s wearing.

Dan D. · April 21, 2024 at 11:45 am

Anyone saying “yall need Jesus” doesn’t mean it one bit and is mocking God. Its like saying “I’ll pray for you” as a slam. It is utterly distasteful to people of faith since it relegates holiness to crudeness.

Pretty sure you can safely dismiss everything else this woman says as disingenuous. You’re too capable a man to waste your time with people like this, DM. Well unless its enjoyable.

Bear Claw · April 21, 2024 at 12:03 pm

Take comfort, Kasey will be starving soon.

IcyReaper · April 21, 2024 at 12:14 pm

Why is anyone on the right still using the term Liberal? There are no more liberals. And don’t use the term Progressives, that’s nothing but a code word from the 30-40’s for commies. If you are a Democrat, support the current Democratic party and vote for them in ANY way, then you are a commie. Don’t play the RINO game of semantics of lets have a verbal masturbation debate of the various levels of Commies and never get to the truth, just call and treat these fuckers as what they are, COMMIES!!!!!
You have to finally understand you cant argue or debate or try and change their beliefs in any way, that’s a waste of time. There is only ONE way to defeat commies.
Accept that truth and Free your self and learn to fly a helicopter like Pinochet.

Big Ruckus D · April 21, 2024 at 6:27 pm

Meh. Stupid cunt is going to think, act, speak, and debate like a stupid cunt. Leave her to the imported invaders or freak ass military to rape and cannibalize, as nothing of value will be lost when this snarky bitch comes face to face with the realities of her complete lack of understanding.

I consider it a lost cause to even attempt to reach morons like her at this late stage. Nobody and nothing will, until her life flashes before her eyes. Even in that moment, she’ll probably still be in denial. I’ll relish her demise, and all those like her who continually downplay the threat and try to belittle those of us pointing out what should be patently obvious, were they not blinded by ideology.

If she likes Jesus so much (hint: she doesn’t, she’s just invoking his name as a rhetorical device) that’s fine, she’s destined to meet him soon enough. Why would I want to save someone like that from their own stupidity, especially when they will use their stupidity to betray and bring harm upon me? She isn’t a potential ally, she is already an established enemy. Fuck her and the cucking apologists she rode in on.

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