As things usually are in a disaster, it is disorganized. MY son arrived in NYC yesterday morning, got settled in his hotel and was supposed to start working in a hospital ED this morning. That didn’t happen. When he showed up to the hospital to be trained in using the hospital’s electronic charting system, it turns out that the hospital had requested the wrong specialty. My son specializes in emergency medicine, and they wanted a hospitalist. Either way, he is under contract and they have to pay him for at least 4 weeks.

So while they are looking for another hospital to send him to, he has nothing to do and is getting paid $2500 a day to walk around Manhattan. Apparently, his credentials mean that the cops don’t mind that he is walking around. If you have ever been to New York, the pictures are stunning. My son says that he is waiting to see Will Smith and his dog walk by, as if he were in the movie “I am legend”

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