I ignore signs like the one below, found at the Florida Mall in Orlando:

Or this one, found at Florida Hospital Celebration:

 Or this one, found at Heart of Florida hospital:

Even though these signs do not carry the force of law, and I can legally ignore them, many people tell me that I should not, because I should honor the wishes of the property owner. I wonder if these signs really DO reflect the wishes of the owner, or if they reflect a legal climate that has been forced upon the owner.

This article explains that at least one insurer thinks that insuring a property owner who allows legal concealed carry is too great of a risk. I don’t blame the insurance company. I blame our legal system. Here is why:

If a murderer kills people on a property, the owner of that property is not liable for damages.

If a person carrying a concealed weapon shoots a person on that property, the property owner is liable, unless they prohibit concealed weapons on their property.

This means that a property owner that prohibits concealed weapons is in a win0win scenario: If anyone shoots anyone on their property, they have no liability. A property owner that allows concealed weapons is likewise liable for any shooting that occurs on their property.

This means that the property owner is not freely choosing to prohibit weapons, they are instead choosing to limit liability. Remove that liability, and you remove the incentive for businesses to ban weapons.

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