Even if it is proven that the Democrats cheated, what then? Everything is such a mess, I just don’t see a way forward. Word has come through that the senate races for BOTH of Georgia’s senate seats are headed for a runoff. Since we know that the election was rigged in some way, it is likely that the control of the senate will belong to the Democrats. 

We are now looking at both houses of Congress AND the Whitehouse being Democrat. That doesn’t upset me. What does upset me is how we got there. The fact that no one trusts the process any longer means that our nation is broken. Again, what next? 

I don’t think it will come to a civil war. Republicans just don’t have the guts for it. Even if they did, the American public would not approve, and they are too busy watching television to care. I honestly believe that the American people wouldn’t care if all elections were cancelled forever, as long as they could still watch TV and drink beer. 

What will happen, will happen. I am still taking the “wait and see” approach, but I am thinking that the USA has already had its last free election. My suspicious self thinks that China will be using this to their advantage. Almost like they planned it. 

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