I Love Happy Endings

Homeowner shoots, kills man during Orange County home invasion

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Good thing it was in the West Berlin Freedom Zone of FLA, the homeowner would have been charged in any Blue State collective.
The criminals aren’t all that bright and the leviathan state will provide the targets for undocumented redistribution after the West South Africa Fundamental Transformation is complete.

conflicting story, she went to the back door and then the fence? something don’t jive here peeps

If the story seems off, I think the most likely cause is sloppy reporting & writing. I’d let it shake out before jumping to a different conclusion. What really happened could be quite different from this report.

So she told him to leave, she grabbed her gun and went out the back door to the fence to get away from the future dead guy, he keeps coming and she shoots his dumb ass? What’s hard to understand? She was under no requirement, at all, to back away a single inch, but she left the house, to get away from him. That did prevent her from having to clean his bloody mess up, now just wash it all into the gutter.

you want this story to be a certain way and get twisted when someone points out an issue with it. maybe shitty reporting or.. I am team smoke home invader but don’t think you should encourage low info gun owners to pop every loser on their lawn.

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