Baldwin being charged shows that I called it correctly. His blue haired incompetent left armorer being charged as well? Perhaps this is a lesson to antigun leftists that you shouldn’t rail against guns while earning a living glorifying them.

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Steve · January 20, 2023 at 12:35 pm

Yep. I’m a little surprised that it was as small a rap as it was. From what I understand, it was NOT the armorer or prop guy or anything of the kind who declared it a cold gun, but rather the producer or some such. Maybe that’s the whole point on not emphasizing that, though. If that’s true, there’s more than enough negligence to justify something more.

Outlaw Scum · January 20, 2023 at 12:46 pm

No way that spiteful mutant was the armorer?!
Bolshevik enemedia showed him talking to her in a pick up track cab and I thought WTF is that the caterer.
You always check a weapon and the safety and always assume all guns are always loaded…with live rounds.

It's just Boris · January 21, 2023 at 7:01 am

There are several lessons there.

Whether they will be learned…? That’s another question.

Aesop · January 23, 2023 at 5:05 pm

1st A.D. Halls was, with hind-sighted misfortune and foolishness, the production-designated second weapon checker weapons props require. (It should have been another prop person/weapon handler, never the 1st A.D., but non-union low-budget hack filmmaking hell is always its own reward, as expected.). Halls also has a prior history of fiddling with guns on sets when it’s none of his business, and getting disciplined for it. This time he got two people shot, and one killed.
And then copped a plea deal, admitting to helping perform the exact felony gross criminal negligence at issue, in exchange for six month’s probation, which at this point will probably be over before the trial even begins, rather than eating his due of five years in the NM state pen for negligent manslaughter, and a new boyfriend named Bubba.

Unless Baldwin’s legal representation is/are total morons, or the jury loses their minds, he walks, and based on Halls’ plea, they might even be able to get the charges against Baldwin dismissed on a pre-trial motion. He’s an anti-gun dick, but legally, he has zero criminal culpability. It isn’t going to cover that D.A. with glory when the judge and jury find out at trial they let one of the actual culprits cop a plea, in order to go after the guy without legal blame.

Prop Tart richly deserves the other nickel for manslaughter. She owns the criminal charges at this point, all by herself, which is why she’s the only one who shut up and lawyered up from the get-go, and has refused to assist in the investigation comprehensively since it happened. She knew she was guilty from the minute the gun went off.

What the indictment at this late date proves conclusively is that the only one in NM as incompetent at their job as the Prop Tart, is the Albuquerque D.A., whose IQ has to be in the mid 80s.

I suspect this is going to make the Depp-Heard trial look like a Clarence Darrow/Alan Dershowitz legal masterpiece by comparison.

The only win in this, regardless of outcome, is that Halls and Gutierrez-Reed will never work another movie ever again in this country, which will save lives beyond counting. And that Baldwin has to STFU about guns until he dies, unless he just wants to keep shooting himself in the foot. Legally blameless, he still has a body count attached to him that’s higher than most people’s entire gun collection. Karma’s a bitch.

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