On social media, there is a discussion going on about this article, where a child rapist wants to get a sex change operation while in prison at taxpayer expense. A judge agreed, and has ordered that the operation will be done at taxpayer expense. Here is how the discussion went:

Man#1: So messed up. I’d love to know why tax payers should be forced to pay this bill? None of this makes any sense.

Snowflake: Because it falls under the realm of healthcare and prisoners can’t be denied healthcare.

Woman#1: this isn’t healthcare

Snowflake: Yeah it really is healthcare. Just cuz we don’t like the circumstances don’t mean it isn’t.

Man #2:  It’s cosmetic surgery. This it seems healthy, why can’t he get a paying prison job and save his money?

 Snowflake: We could make this argument about any healthcare issue for any inmate. For example, if a murder needs heart surgery the murder will get it.

 Woman#1: you are comparing apples and elephants.

Snowflake: Are you saying you’re okay with a murderer getting healthcare but not a rapist? Or do you just hate trans people more than murderers?

Divemedic: No, she is saying that sexual reassignment is not a necessary procedure. It is elective, no different than a person expecting a facelift or a breast enlargement on the public dime.

Snowflake: That’s just an uneducated opinion. Most doctors and therapists would agree with this action.

Divemedic: Of course they would. I am sure that most auto dealers would support buying every inmate a car. If doctors support it so much, then they can do the surgery for free. Or perhaps the inmate desiring the elective procedure can set up  a gofundme page, and all of the people who support it can pay for it.

 Snowflake:  False equivalence. I mean if ya hate trans people then just say you hate trans people. 

 Divemedic: I don’t hate trans people any more than I hate people who want to drive a Ferrari. I just don’t think it is proper to force me (through taxes) to pay for something that someone else chooses to do.

Just because I believe that the procedure shouldn’t be done at my expense doesn’t mean that I hate anyone. 


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TechieDude · December 23, 2020 at 4:18 pm

I've pretty much given up arguing with nitwits online. Especially snowflake there with the false equivelancy issue.

Awhile back I saw a series on a famous-for-being-famous trannie getting its' male equipment removed and replaced by a facimile of female gear. They basically create a wound, that has to be opened up and stretched twice a day, or the body does what it does with a wound and seals it up. Apparently, it's painful.

And to what end? So some dude can pork them in a non stretching, non self cleaning imitation unit?

Apparently, the infection rate is huge as well. Which is what happened in the series. So in the end, thousands wasted for uselessness.

I wonder if the snowflake saw that, would it still consider this healthcare? or even healthy? This was the NHS as well, so consider the wasted dollars. Wonder if Snowflake would be OK with Moms having to wait 6 months for gall bladder surgery because healthcare dollars were being wasted here, installing a faulty imitation unit?

It has nothing to do with bigotry to know this and see it as a waste of other peoples money.

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