My wife and I recently had a date night. One of the places we went was to the Amway center to see comedian Gabriel Iglesias. When we entered the arena, we had to pass through magnetometers. I believe that this is illegal. Let me explain:

The Amway center is owned by the City of Orlando. They prohibit all weapons using this rule:

Although by state law, the City cannot regulate the admission of patrons with weapons, the vast majority of private event promoters who use the Amway Center do not allow patrons with weapons to be admitted to their events.

Every event that I have attended there has used those magnetometers. I sure would be interested in seeing the process for this. I am betting that there is a ‘standard contract’ that is signed that allows the city to hide behind this legal figleaf of claiming it is what the promoters want. Something like “sign here, this is our standard contract” and the contract has a clause in it that says “I promise not to allow anyone with weapons into my event.”

Why? Because Orlando is run by that fucking left wing asshole Buddy Dyer, who hasn’t seen a restriction on gun ownership that he doesn’t like. He has openly stated that he wants all guns to be illegal within the City of Orlando.

I also want to remind everyone that it is not illegal to enter this facility with a weapon. It is only illegal if they discover that you have a weapon, then ask you to leave, and you refuse. So I roll the dice and try anyway. Let’s just say that it is indeed possible to enter the Amway arena with weapons (plural) and not get caught.

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Jimmy · February 2, 2022 at 5:51 pm

Very few private security outfits are willing to pat down your groin. Wear a belt with a big metal buckle, wedge pocket gun behind and beneath buckle in a kydex holster. Resituate in restroom once through detector.

Anonymous · February 3, 2022 at 10:40 am

In my professional experience, a lot of these magnetometers are improperly maintained (sensitivity set too high) and will go off if you have any metal on you. Most of the hired security don’t know how (nor care) to calibrate them and get tired of all the repeated false positives, and either: 1) give a cursory check, or 2) turn them off completely. This happens a lot at bigger museums and a lot of venues with low-paid and less than professional security. I have been able to enter many non-permissive environments because of this.

Jonathan · February 3, 2022 at 11:45 am

I won’t go into places that have unnecessary security rules like this… I hate going through them even in courthouses and airports.
I’m glad I live in a county where even the courthouse doesn’t have security. If a place has no guns signs posted, they don’t want my business, so I don’t go there. Same thing with mask requirements (except for Drs/ hospitals).

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