Watch the below video, I know it is long, but the implications are truly scary:

This is how revolutions happen: agitators cause trouble, and then the communists move in and take over. We see this again and again:
Agitators who are being directed and paid by the DNC are causing civil unrest at Trump rallies, as evidenced by the video above.
Agitators who are being paid by the DNC, Soros, and others are travelling to cities where there are police shootings and causing civil unrest. We’ve seen it in Charlotte, in Ferguson, and Baton Rouge.

This is both frightening and intriguing. On the one hand, I am truly afraid that we have at last reached the end of the United States as the Constitutional Republic it has been, which comes to no surprise to anyone who has been paying attention. On the other hand, it is interesting in that we are a witness to history.

Suppression of the press is well under way. Look for people do not cooperate to begin disappearing. That is the next phase.

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