A restaurant owner filed a complaint about a Federal cop with that cop’s supervisor. The cop responded by getting other Federal agencies (including the IRS) to place the owner under a microscope. The restaurant owner sued, and now that case is headed to SCOTUS.

If SCOTUS holds that this cop is immune from lawsuits, even while he is willingly and knowingly violating someone’s Constitutional rights, expect police behavior to get worse. We all know that SCOTUS is likely to support the cop’s behavior.

It’s almost like we live in a police state where the only way you can get justice is to mete it out yourself.

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Darryl Hiestand · March 7, 2022 at 9:28 pm

I don’t mean to be picky but I had to reread your opener a couple of times to ascertain who was being sued. Perhaps more careful application of pronouns could make the article easier to read. This is a rare criticism. I eagerly read Area Ocho.
Darryl Hiestand

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