A man in South Carolina fired shots at a group of Trump supporters that included children. What began as protests and attacks aimed at police and government buildings and expanded to rioting and looting has lately morphed into attacks on residential areas and targeting defenseless individuals. 

As we are all aware, violent acts began in the Minneapolis before moving to Seattle and Portland. Those acts have since expanded to Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, Wisconsin, South Carolina, and other places. Diners are now being accosted while eating dinner, and so-called “peaceful” protesters are now openly and routinely brandishing weapons, including firearms. 

Chances of favorable outcome or appeasement of what appear to be professional insurgents is very doubtful. This situation coupled with statements of the Antifa/BLM/RevCom movements and the forces that they control indicate in our opinion that a surprise aggressive movement in any direction including attack on unarmed and helpless residential areas or even schools is a possibility. Extreme care is necessary in order not to complicate an already tense situation.

Beware of common items that are being used as weapons, such as skateboards. Attackers are known to be using press credentials and other noncombatant disguises to lull targets into complacency. 

Carry hearing protection and weapons wherever possible. 

Avoid travel to large cities in the run up to the election. 

Ensure that you have at least half a tank of fuel at a minimum. 

Keep your head on a swivel. 

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Wayne · August 29, 2020 at 6:27 pm

Excellent roundup, Divemedic.

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