Nearly 26 years ago, a woman named Jennifer Ringley made internet history when she created the website Jennicam. She placed cameras throughout her apartment and streamed video 24 hours a day, documenting every second of her life. Users could pay for a subscription and tune in 24/7 for a glimpse into what Jenni was doing.

While there were times when she was nude, that wasn’t the focus of the site. It merely allowed electronic voyeurism. The site proved to be very popular, drawing in as many as 100 million visitors a week. The money she collected from this paid her way through college.

This was 1996, the beginning of the Internet. Listen to what Letterman had to say: “This will replace television.” This was an incredibly accurate insight. This was the beginning of the whole “influencer” career we see today.

After almost 8 years, she pulled the plug. At 45 years old, she now has almost no presence on the web, and likes it that way. According to web sources, she is married now, and her name is “Jennifer Johnson” which is a great way to be anonymous as the woman who changed American culture.

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TechieDude · December 1, 2021 at 9:02 am

In the right place, at the right time, first to do it.

Now, it would be considered boring.

I didn’t pay for the subscription, but I did watch the free content. At the time it was interesting but not worth the cost

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