In the wake of this week’s shooting at the Sikh temple, the Indian External Affairs Minister wants the US to have stronger gun control. Because strong gun laws like the ones in India prevent massacres like the one in Mumbai, or something. You remember Mumbai: the shooting rampage where over 200 people were killed, and 300 injured, while the police cowered in fear, don’t you?
What about the gun control in India?

 Did it prevent the killing of 60 Hindus in a fire that was set by Muslims in 2002? Or the dozens of Muslims killed in the fire set my Hindus in 2011?

Does it prevent the honor killings performed in India when a person dresses in clothes not fitting their caste?

What about the thousands of baby girls who are murdered by their parents because they want a boy?

To the Indian Minister: Fuck off. Mind your own laws before you lecture us about ours.

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Windy Wilson · August 22, 2012 at 4:04 am

We want the Indians to have a proper constitution reflecting the liberal values of freedom of speech and of the press, of the right to bear arms and be secure in our papers and our houses, and to have the right to confront our accuser in a court of law, to trial by jury, and to not be tried for the same offense twice because the state doesn't like the result, and to not be subject to cruel and unusual punishment, but that isn't likely to happen soon, because India is a police state with gloves on, and we have a constitution of enumerated powers, however seldom that idea is actually honored other than in the breach.

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