There is a camp calling itself the “Orlando Girls Rock Camp” but it is not what it seems. They claim that it “provides a safe and inclusive space for girls, trans and gender non-binary youth ages 8 to 17 who want to learn about music.” Note that anyone who doesn’t want to make claim that they are a male is invited.

The director of the camp says “The world is kind of unfolding right in front of our students and our campers and they’re kind of seeing the political discourse that’s happening and they’re participating in it to some degree and it’s important for them to have spaces to be themselves. There might be situations where campers can’t be themselves at home or at school and camp provides a place where they can not only learn about who they are and be themselves, but also meet other campers who are like-minded as well.”

The key word? “Like minded” This camp is, in my opinion, being run by sexual deviants who are setting up a camp where they can perform their perverted acts and push their fucked up lifestyle on children. This group is, in my opinion, a perfect setup for child molesting.

This is some sick fucking shit. There is no other way to call it. Not only are they attempting to convert people into their weird sex games, this is a political movement with political aims. From the website of their parent organization:


The Girls Rock Camp Alliance is an international membership network of youth-centered arts and social justice organizations. We provide resources and space for community building to our membership in order to build a strong movement for collective liberation.

(emphasis added)

Not just for perving on kids, this is using a nonprofit organization as a front for political activity.

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Big Ruckus D · June 30, 2021 at 2:00 am

I hate to have to post this, but we are fast approaching the point in this long nightmare where entire swaths of humanity will have to be written off – literally – as irretrievably lost to the evil of our postmodernist hellscape masqureading as a civilization. Not just the sort of damnable perverts who organize these transfreak and dragfag worshipping “camps” along with similar settings to provide means and opportunity to avail themselves of doing disgusting and damaging things to their intended victims. But also the parents who are on the woke spectrum, and who knowingly and willfully place their kids in harms way and under the influence of obvious sexual degeneracy and other shit-grade ideological kinks.

By extension, the likely victims – the children of these parents who range from stupidly misguided all the way to genuinely and intentionally evil in their conduct – will also have to be considered losses. It is disgusting that anyone of good character and morals will have to make such a choice, but when it comes to protecting you and yours, or risking utter destruction by “the system” by attempting to intercede on behalf of an at risk child to whom you have no direct connection or responsibility, it is clear what sacrifice needs to be made. In short, we can’t save them all.

As always, choose your battles wisely. In our present setting, doing the morally right thing is nearly guaranteed to get one wrecked at the hands of an angry and indignant cult and the amenable authorities on whom they will call for enacting their hive-minded lust for vengeance. Once that occurs, you are “fukt and dunn”, preventing you – likely permanently – from protecting your own family and interests thereof.

Ben · June 30, 2021 at 1:35 pm

You can see it right in their own terminology. Notice they say “youth-centered” instead of “youth-oriented.” You know you’re looking at woke bullshit when they say things are “centered.”

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