As summer approaches, teachers are all taking their required summer training. For me, this means that I am taking ESOL (English Speakers of Other Langugaes) training. This training is a 60 hour course that all teachers are required to take.

It is filled with blatant propaganda. Here is a film that we are being required to watch. In this film, we are being introduced to Moises, an illegal immigrant who entered the country illegally by climbing over the border fence with his family. The film depicts schools that are ignoring kids that cannot speak English. Watch it to see how people are being manipulated through careful propaganda.


Here is the assignment that goes with the film:
Write a response that answers the following questions: (What I want to say is in red, but I can’t say it without losing my job)

What are some of the issues that this video brings to your attention?
Illegal immigrants are sneaking into this country, and using up large amounts of resources that could be utilized to educate the children of people who are actually paying taxes.

What steps could be taken to support Moises in his testing?
Send him and his family back to Mexico, where school is taught in the language he understands. 

Why do you think the schools don’t take those steps?
Because resources are limited, and it takes far more of those resources to educate someone who must also be taught the language before the lesson can even begin. This is inefficient, and the school has to teach certain skills. To teach students who aren’t even here legally English leaves fewer resources for the actual skills to be taught.

Do we do anything in our district to help ELLs like Moises?

Sure, we can take scant resources and use them to educate these criminal families (make no mistake the film showed Moises and his mother scaling the border fence to enter the country, thus making them criminals) at the expense of the people whose families are following the law and providing those resources. 

Those opinions would get me fired.

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