Anti American left Police State Silence the opposition War on the Right


CVS recently had an inclusivity workshop where they asked employees to hold each other “accountable” for non-inclusive behavior. Here come the informants.

Fortunately, they are easy to spot. They are the ones lecturing about mask wearing, vaccines, and telling everyone how men menstruate.

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Damn. Now I have to change drug stores which means I have to change my insurance which means I can’t change drug stores for another few months.

It’s getting to where I need a scorecard to keep track of who deserves getting boycotted and who’s not quite there, yet.

CVS has been getting close to being dropped anyway because they’re damned near impossible to deal with. If everything is going according to their flow chart system, it’s fine. It’s just that if you need to talk with someone, forget online help or using the phone. You have to go to the store and be prepared to wait.

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