The people of this state are going crazy. Gasoline is nowhere to be found within 30 miles of my house. All of the stations are out. Mostly because of people like this:

Then you have people beating each other up over plywood. It is difficult to find food. Even the potato chips are sold out. Even Amazon is out of Mountain House. There is no bottled water anywhere.

I have all of that.

My storm preps consist of:
Cleaning up potential debris in the yard.
Filling Water Barrels for consumption, and bathtubs for toilet flushing.
Checking Backup Radio Communications (Base Station, 2 handhelds, 1 mobile radio)
Charge all rechargeable batteries.
Make sure electronic files are backed up to the cloud.

I will be spending most of the time until the storm hits watching TV, napping and making a sandwich. If you are properly prepared, hurricanes are no big deal. Almost boring, in fact. As a security precaution, I have asked my wife to avoid locations where people will be frantically searching for supplies.

What is scary is this: people are attacking others, and there isn’t even a real emergency yet. Imagine how bad it will get in a REAL emergency.

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SiGraybeard · September 9, 2017 at 1:04 am

I'm speechless at the girl thinking she just pumps gasoline into a 5 gallon bucket. Does it dissolve the plastic? If it doesn't, that's the start of her worries. How does she get it home? Let it sit in the trunk, sloshing with every movement of the car? Sit it on the floor in the car, so that sloshing overflows inside instead into the trunk?

I haven't seen the stories, "woman killed transporting gas", but I haven't searched for them either.

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